Incident Restoration and Remediation

Incident Restoration
and Remediation

At Decyifer, we understand that cyber-attacks can strike at any moment, leaving your organization vulnerable and compromised. That's why we offer a completely free 30-minute initial call for those under attack, providing immediate advice to minimize the impact on your business. Our proactive and retainer services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the right-sized service offering that delivers real benefits.

Our Simple Approach to Restoration:

1. Containment: We act swiftly to contain the attack and prevent further spread within your network.
2. Identification: Our experts pinpoint the source and method of the attack, shedding light on how it started.
3. Reconfiguration and Rebuilding: We rebuild your network, server, and application stacks, restoring your systems to full functionality.
4. Project Management Expertise: Throughout the restoration process, our end-to-end project management ensures efficiency and precision.

The Evolving Threat Landscape:

Cyber-attacks are no longer just automated incidents; they are orchestrated by skilled individuals or groups with malicious intent. These criminals have become more efficient, leveraging advanced methods to maximize impact. The rise of ransomware attacks, website compromises, malicious insider threats, and extortion events poses significant risks to businesses worldwide.

Our Solutions:

1. Ransomware Attack Recovery: If your organization faces a ransomware attack, we deploy specialized teams to preserve evidence, rapidly restore operations, and minimize business interruption costs. We also provide second-to-none negotiation and payment facilitation services.
2. Website Compromise Attack Restoration: When cyber-criminals target your public-facing assets, we swiftly identify the attack vector, close the gap, and restore your systems or assist in migrating to a secure platform. In cases of extortion demands, we handle negotiations and payment facilitation on your behalf.
3. Malicious Insider Attack Management: Our extensive experience allows us to handle attacks originating from within your organization, identifying culprits and cooperating with law enforcement to bring them to justice.
4. Extortion Attack Resolution: From complex global extortion events to various motivations like financial gain, family disputes, or intellectual property theft, we have dealt with diverse extortion scenarios. We specialize in achieving outcomes that suppress publication or return stolen assets.

The Urgency of Action:

In the realm of digital attacks, time is of the essence. Attempting to negotiate directly with threat actors can be perilous, as it may lead to incomplete resolutions and subsequent risks. Our experienced personnel understand the complexities of negotiations, ensuring your business is safeguarded against further attacks.

Our Investigation Focus:

Our incident response and restoration activities include key questions such as:

  • How did the attack happen? (Attack vector identification)
  • Who was the first affected? (Identification of patient-zero)
  • Are the criminals still within your environment? (Dwell time minimization)
  • What actions did the cyber-criminals take? (IOC collection and artifact analysis)
  • Did they leave any lingering threats? (Persistence mechanism removal)
  • Can you get back to operations? (System, application, and network restoration)
  • Need guidance? (Full project management support)

Contact us today if your business faces a cyber-attack. At Decyifer, we provide expert guidance, rapid recovery, and dedicated support to restore your business to its secure and resilient state. Trust us to safeguard your organization from the growing threats of the digital world.