Incident Response Retainer Services

Incident Reponse Retainer Services

Decyifer incident response teams are highly responsive and readily available to assist your organization in effectively addressing and mitigating breaches. Tailoring our approach to your existing plans or employing our dynamic breach response methodology. Our experienced team members have dealt with various cyber breach incidents, encompassing politically motivated attacks, device theft, data extortion, rogue employees, and deceptive mail misdirection.

At Decyifer, we pride ourselves on being true first-responders in the cybersecurity field, prioritizing the swift and proper restoration of your business operations. Our Rapid Recovery Methodology empowers our legal, DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response), and PR partners to collaborate effectively with our recovery experts and ransomware negotiators, ensuring a rapid return to an operational state for our clients.

In our Cyber Breach investigation, we focus on three critical areas: incident management, incident investigation support, and resolution, litigation management, and incident readiness. Throughout the process, we work closely with your employees, Board of Directors, and stakeholders, providing counter-measures and valuable insights.

Our pragmatic investigation team follows a prioritized plan and takes explorative actions to uncover the extent of the breach. With our extensive threat intelligence derived from forensic and offensive security experiences, we deliver comprehensive insights into the breach landscape. Additionally, we offer support for legal activities, including engagements with law firms and expert witnesses. Our breach activity narrative and post-breach recommendations are meticulously documented, providing clarity and guidance for future actions.

Decyifer operates nationally and internationally, leveraging our CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) team and coordination centers. This enables us to effectively respond to breaches regardless of their origin and support organizations.